Nintendo has put the finishing touches to their web browser and now it’s up for download, and free, what is more, until June 30.

Fans may already be familiar with Wii channels which allow high-speed access via TV sets, but the new browser hopes to build on their service with new improvements and a performance upgrade.

The browser now features a manual zoom, as well as the automatic one in the trial version, and texts remain readable at all sizes while zooming in and out. There’s also improved scrolling, as well as collapsible toolbars and multiple on-screen cursors.

And to mirror a feature found on Explorer, users can choose between having a Yahoo or Google inbuilt search function, as well as a parental control password to restrict access if desired.

Laurent Fischer, European Marketing Director of Nintendo Europe commented, “We are thrilled to be able to offer Wii owners an improved, simple and safe internet service through the Opera Browser. The new version of the Internet Channel will allow the whole family to experience the internet from the comfort of their couch in a safe and secure environment”.