Electronic Arts has announced that its developed a Sims edition especially for the Wii and Nintendo.

MySims introduces a new cast of whimsical characters and lets players start with their own toy-like Sim that they can customise with hairstyles and clothing.

The players then move to a "delightful but disorganised town", according to EA, where they can reshape everything and make it look however they want.

Using a set of building blocks and patterns, players can design furniture and appliances to go in new homes and businesses.

Some residents like Mayor Rosalyn P Marshall and Buddy, the bellhop, are permanent residence, while others, like Gino Delicioso, a chef, or Ocean Breeze, a yogi can be added at the player's discretion.

"By giving players the tools to create literally any kind of world they want in MySims, we're reinforcing the idea that the players create the magic", said Tim LeTourneau, Executive Producer.

"Will the town support a plethora of spooky, mysterious townsfolk - or buzz with the laughter and smiles of fun-loving Sims? It's your call!"

MySims will be released in the Autumn.