First is was fears over the strap not being strong enough, now it seems Nintendo is issuing a warning for its Nintendo Wii games console that having festive decorations near your television might cause your new games console to work erratically.

Nintendo has issued a warning saying that gamers should avoid bright lights shining near televisions while they play following reports that fairy lights were causing problems with the Wii's remote control sensor.

While homebrew stories have been appearing on the web suggesting that you can go for the rather low-tech option of candles to pick up the movements of the Wii's motion sensored remote controller for some time, Nintendo has now admitted that direct lights, like those found on a Christmas tree could cause interference in "exceptional conditions".

Such conditions are "where the Wii sensor bar is sat near a direct light source there may be some minor interference - this does not mean that there is any fault with your Wii".

"For the best performance of your Wii, avoid bright light sources behind or near the TV, shining towards the Wii remote or reflecting off the TV screen", the company recommends.

Earlier this month Nintendo announced it would offer a voluntary exchange programme whereby customers can contact their nearest Nintendo Service Centre to have the strap to the motion sensor controller replaced.

Gamers are advised to call 0870 606 0247 to receive instructions on how to get a new wrist strap free of charge.