Nintendo is not issuing a worldwide recall of Wii Remote wrist straps, as is being reported on several websites.

Rather, it's offering a voluntary exchange program whereby customers can contact their nearest Nintendo Service Center by calling 0870 606 0247 to receive instructions on how to get a new wrist strap free of charge.

Nintendo's statement reads, in part, “There is no problem with the wrist strap as long as the Wii Remote is used sensibly and properly in accordance with the guidelines provided by Nintendo”.

Nintendo seems to be doing all it can, stopping short of physically playing the games for people, to stop users being overly violent with their Remotes.

It's issued safety tips that includes the instructions, “Keep a firm grip on the Wii Remote at all times”, and “Players should keep at least three feet/one meter from their televisions and dry their hands if they become sweaty or wet for any other reason”.

As a result of the hue and cry about the wrist straps, Nintendo is shipping new Wiis with enhanced wrist straps, is including on-screen advisories about “proper wrist strap use” and is updating operating manuals to include additional “wrist strap cautions”.