Pocket-lint's first reader poll asked you if you'll be buying a Nintendo Wii this Christmas, and, rather astonishingly, 1 out of every 2 readers are planning on it.

You may, however, find it difficult to get a hold of one, as Wii fever gripped the nation last Friday. Nintendo says that 50,000 Wiis in the UK sold out within the first 12 hours of the launch, which means that by the afternoon, there were none to be had.

It's not only in the UK that Nintendo has had success, as the company reports that it's sold 476,000 units in November since the US launch, which is more than twice the number of PS3s sold by Sony since it's debut.

Sony shifted 197,000 in the same market.

In the same month, the figures for the Xbox 360 sold were over 511,000, which is impressive by any standard.

Wii consoles are still selling like hotcakes on eBay in the UK, where some are selling for over double the recommended retail price in shops.