The queues may have taken a while to build up, but eventually reached record numbers outside videogame retailers on Oxford Street yesterday, in honour of the Nintendo Wii launch.

HMV opened its door at 11pm for the official launch party, and closed them 2 hours later, causing some to join the queue to get into GAME.

GAME's CEO told it was the biggest queue for a launch at one of its stores she's ever seen.

Nintendo UK's product manager was equally jubilant, telling GameSpot, “I think this is the biggest launch we've ever had".

“It's also great to see so many girl gamers in the queue. I think one in 10 was a girl gamer.”

The Wii is expected to have more universal appeal to women and families than other consoles, as it's reasonably priced and offers control through the unique Remote – although some are reporting problems with the attached wrist straps.

Photos have been cropping up online showing the damage caused by the Remote after the strap broke from over-vigorous gaming. Nintendo is reportedly looking into the issue.

And as usual, consoles are already cropping up on eBay and selling for outrageous prices. Retail price for the Wii is £179, but some are selling for over £400 on eBay already.