Wii enthusiasm in the UK has yet to reach fever pitch, according to our roving reporter in London.

At around 4pm today, when queues were already expected to have formed outside videogame retail stores, HMV had just one person loitering outside.

It was unclear if he was taking a break from Christmas shopping, or in line to gain entry to the 11pm launch party sponsored by Nintendo.

Further down Oxford Street, GAME had a queue of around six waiting for the midnight opening. When questioned, the head of the rather dismal little line said, “I was walking past and saw no one was waiting, and thought, 'I know, I'll be the first person in the queue for once'”.

Those who are queueing without having placed a pre-order for the new console are unlikely to be able to purchase one, as stores are reporting that they expect to be able to fulfill pre-orders, and that's about it, due to a general shortage of consoles.

Lots of stores in London are displaying the sign no gamer wants to see - "Wii Out of Stock".