Nintendo has announced that owners of it's Nintendo DS will soon be able to enjoy more than just games from their handheld console with the launch of the Nintendo MP3 Player.

Available on the 8th December 2006, the same day as the launch of the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo fans can use their handheld console as a fully-fledged MP3 player.

The simply accessory, which is a card reader, allows music fans to plug in their own SD card full of music to play on the console. Nintendo is stating that a 512MB SD memory card will give you around 150 songs. Each song’s title information will be clearly listed on the Nintendo DS screen so songs can be easily selected.

The Nintendo MP3 Player is also fully compatible with the Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Micro as the cartridge will slot into the Game Boy Advance port on all the Nintendo handheld consoles.

The Nintendo MP3 Player launches across Europe on 8th December 2006 at the estimated retail price of around £20.