The next chronicle in the story of Jack Carver is to be unveiled on Nintendo’s Wii, called Far Cry Vengeance.

Based on Far Cry Evolution, Vengeance takes the story a step further with a new storyline, new maps, and new weapons to take advantage of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

Jack Carver’s life was changed forever at the Jacutan Archipelago, but back home in Micronesia, Jack though he was safe. But a gorgeous woman lures him into a dangerous heist that goes wrong as Jack is chased for a murder he didn’t commit.

Features of the new game include new survival tactics of driving, shooting, jumping, balancing, climbing, grenading, and Feral attacking, all thanks to the Wii special controllers.

A new array of weapons includes machetes and machine guns, while ATVs, hovercrafts, pickup trucks, and JetSkis propel Jack around the terrain. Multiplayer support sees you battle in Chaos mode to be the last person standing.