Sega has announced its latest game for the Nintendo Wii will be Sonic and the Secret Rings and that it will make full use of the Wii Controller.

Players adept at the Controller will be able to control Sonic’s movement by tilting the controller side to side, or attack enemies by swinging it forward. In addition to the main plotline, which sees Sonic do battle in ancient Persia, players will also be able to take part in multi-player mini games.

Sonic’s latest adventure sees him living through the final, missing pages of the classic story of the Araian Nights. Battling enemies alone for the first time since the original game was released 15 years ago, the hedgehog will experience new ways of expressing light, water and wind.

Part of the appeal of the game lies in uncovering several secrets of the “Ring,” which are hidden throughout the game, and include the Ring Spirit, which will give Sonic new powers and skills that add to the feeling of using the Wii Controller.