Earlier today Nintendo announced the launch date and pricing information for its new console, the Nintendo Wii in Japan.

Well hours later, it appears that America now has a price and US, leaving just the UK still waiting.

American gamers will be able to get their hands on the new console on November 19 for just $249.

The launch date comes 2 days after the launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 games console in the US, however the price is considerably different, with Sony opting to position its console as a home entertainment hub complete with a next generation Blu-ray drive rather than a pure games machine.

The PlayStation 3 console comes in two versions and costs $549 and $659 with a larger hard drive.

The price includes one wireless Wii Remote controller, one Nunchuk controller and a collection of five different Wii Sports games on one disc.

Nintendo has announced their will be 16 titles available for day one and 30 titles available between launch day and 31 December including Wii Sports, a compilation of tennis, baseball, golf, bowling and boxing; The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; and a game called EXCITE TRUCK.

Nintendo says it will charge around $49.99 per game however gamecube owners will be pleased to know that the console is backwards compatible with more than 530 Nintendo GameCube titles from day one.