Nintendo’s head of German operations has let slip that the company expects to sell the Wii console for under €250 in Europe.

Bernd Fakesch told Reuters, “The price has not been decided yet, but I expect it to be…less than €250 (£170)”.

The price has not been fixed in any market yet, but perhaps Nintendo just likes the numbers 2 and 5; the games company has said that the console would cost under ¥25,000 (£115) in Japan and less than $250 (£130) in the US.

Until a firm figure is released for all markets, it looks rather like Nintendo is trying to keep Wii in the headlines by releasing random prices tied together by the numbers 2 and 5.

Despite still holding back a release date for the console, Nintendo has released two new games: Mario Strikers Charged, and Batallion Wars 2.

The company has set the Wii apart from other next-generation consoles by developing a one-handed control that lets players wield it like the tool their character is using on the screen, with the help of motion detectors.