EA has announced that it is backing Nintendo's next generation console, the Nintendo Wii with six titles for launch.

The games publisher has said that new games include installments of Harry Potter, SSX, Godfather, Tiger Woods. Madden NFL 07 and Need for Speed Carbon.

It is expected that the new games will take full advantage of the console's motion sensor controller allowing you to practice your golf swing with Tiger and wave your wand in Harry Potter.

"Once we started to experiment with Madden on Wii, there was an explosion of innovation. Everyone in the studio is energized by the creative opportunity afforded by both the hardware and controller", said EA senior vice president John Schappert.

Even more promising for Nintendo is the announcement of The Godfather suggesting that the console won't have its cute "kids only" appeal.

EA said that even it would be announcing even more Wii games currently in development in the coming months.