Nintendo's latest handheld console the Game Boy Micro attracted better than expected orders on its debut in Japan today although according to retailers not as good as when the Game Boy Advance SP had done.

The world's smallest console got its launch in Japan a week before the U.S. launch with a price tag of 12,000 yen (£60).

The Micro launched in Japan in five colours: silver, purple, black and blue, with a fifth "limited edition" design in the colour of the once-popular Famicon game console.

Nintendo plans to release the Micro in Europe on November 4 in silver, pink, green and blue, at a recommended price of £60, while U.S. versions, due on September 19 for $99, will be available in black and silver with three removable faceplates.

Nintendo are hoping to steal Sony's thunder ahead of the launch of a white version of the PSP console later this week.

Nintendo aims to sell 4 million units of the Micro worldwide by the end of its business year to next March. It currently holds over 90 percent of the handheld gaming market and the company hopes the Micro will help it keep that crown.