Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata has revealed details of Nintendo's next generation console at this year's Games Developer Conference held in San Francisco.

The main details are that Nintendo will add Wi-Fi, online gaming and backwards compatibility to its console called Revolution.

"I want to announce today that following the groundbreaking work we have always done in connecting players, we will aggressively pursue Wi-Fi technology, starting with the Nintendo DS," Satoru said.

Up until now Nintendo hasn't ventured into online gaming and certainly not wi-fi in the same way that Sony and Microsoft have with their respective consoles.

The addition of wi-fi will mean that Nintendo DS users will be able to connect to the Revolution.

Iwata wouldn't commit to a timeframe for the console, but did imply that developers would have kit by may so that gamers would be able to play the first wi-fi games by the end of the year.

Nintendo also confirmed that ATI is working on a custom graphics chip codenamed “Hollywood” and the that IBM will be supplying the IBM working on a chip called “Broadway”