Nintendo has set the launch date for its Handheld console in Australia ahead of a launch here in the UK in March.

The dates that our Commonwealth chums will be able to get their hands on one will be the 24th February and it will only cost them AU$199.95 (£70)

As an extra incentive for a limited time at launch, Metroid PrimeTM Hunters : First Hunt demo will also be included.

Nintendo has managed to sell over 2.8 million Nintendo DS units in North America and Japan since its launch in November.

More than 100 companies have signed on to create games for the sleek silver and black Nintendo DS, while Nintendo itself are already developing its first 20 titles including Super Mario 64TM DS and WarioWareTM: Touched! which will be available on launch in Australia with Pokemon DashTM releasing shortly after.

The complete line-up of games for the Australian launch of Nintendo DS will be announced shortly.