Nintendo starts its campaign to stop Sony taking over the handheld gaming market with the launch of its new handheld console the Nintendo DS today in the US.

Although not due in the UK for another 4 months, the console is getting a big push in American in the run up to Christmas. In a further attempt to push home the message, Nintendo are spending $40 million on the launch.

Costing $149, Nintendo is hoping to get the edge on the Sony PSP not only by being the first out in America, but also by being cheaper as well. Although Sony has yet to set a price in the US, converted from its Yen price it would retail at $190.

The dual-screened console is the latest in a long line of handheld consoles from Nintendo, who dominates the handheld market, seeing off plenty of competitors in the past. Nintendo believe that the DS will continue its dominance even further.