Nintendo has announced the official name and design for the Nintendo DS even though we already thought it had at the gaming expo in Los Angeles - E3. Nintendo has confirmed that the console which won't be launched in the UK until February 2005, will be called the DS to symbolise its Dual Screens.

Additionally tthe hardware also has been redesigned to sport a slimmer, sharper look. The retooled Nintendo DS features a thinner, black base and an angular platinum flip-top cover. The face buttons and shoulder buttons are larger, and some have been reconfigured for optimum use. The unit includes a new storage slot for the touch screen's stylus, and the speakers now broadcast in stereo sound, with or without headphones.

According to Nintendo, software companies worldwide have more than 120 Nintendo DS games in development ready for launch.

Nintendo will announce the launch date, price and game lineup for Nintendo DS in the UK at a later date.