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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo appears set to end Switch Online app support for iPhone and iPad users not running the latest software.

As confirmed on Nintendo's Japanese Twitter account, the app will soon undergo an update that will require certain device requirements. Currently, it's able to work on any compatible device running iOS / iPadOS 12 or later, while the upcoming version will only run if the user has at least iOS / iPadOS 14 or later.

There's no reasoning given for the change, only a note to suggest that the changes will take place this summer. That means there's obviously still a bit of time to update your device to the latest software if you're a frequent user of the app.

Apple indicates that only around 4 per cent of iPhones and 10 per cent of iPads are running on software that would fail to meet Nintendo's new criteria, which does make it easier for developers to drop support, but that does still account for plenty of models.

There's also a good chunk of older devices, naturally, that can't actually upgrade to the latest software - even though Apple is very good at maintaining support years after launch.

For those that do have a compatible device, however, you can simply start the update process by heading to Settings > General > About and checking out which version you're currently running on. 

Once you're all up to date, you can continue to enjoy all the delights of the Switch Online app.

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Writing by Conor Allison.