Nintendo Switch Pro official and renamed "OLED model"

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) comes with an improved dock sporting a wired LAN port for speedier internet connectivity. (image credit: Nintendo)
Perhaps its biggest new feature is its 7-inch OLED display. Not only is it larger, it has a smaller bezel so the console itself is the same size as before. (image credit: Nintendo)
The OLED model is compatible with all older Switch accessories, including Joy-Cons. It comes with a pair of its own too, of course. (image credit: Nintendo)
The dock on the white variant is also white, for those who prefer a minimalist design aesthetic. (image credit: Nintendo)
A dedicated case will be released at the same time. (image credit: Nintendo)
A more traditional neon red/neon blue version will also be available. Both will be released globally on 8 October 2021. (image credit: Nintendo)

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