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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo's habit of working on quirky game ideas and then announcing them without much preamble is continuing unabated as it unveils Game Builder Garage for its Switch console, a new game that's closer to a tool.

The game will be available from 11 June this year and has a budget price tag, but looks like it could be an amazing gateway into games development from the masters of the art at Nintendo. That's certainly how it's being sold, anyway.

The above trailer showcases the game's lessons in programming, which will guide users through the process of creating simple and eventually more complex systems before they're unleashed on the full toolset to create whatever they can put their minds to.

It's a fascinating package, and a logical next step after the success of Super Mario Maker and its sequel - people clearly have an appetite for making their own games, so why not let them have full control? With a user interface that's clearly kept deliberately simple, this could be ideal for young gamers interested in the actual industry. 

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Once you've made a game in Game Builder Garage you'll also be able to share it by giving people download codes for it, so we think it's a safe bet that there'll be a burgeoning community of amazing creations within a few weeks of its release. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 6 May 2021.