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(Pocket-lint) - It is reported that Nintendo will be greatly increasing production of its Switch consoles for this fiscal year, ending March 2022. It is said to be making 30 million units, in respect to any chip supply issues.

However, it is not yet known whether any of those consoles will be the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch Pro, with the Japanese gaming giant remaining typically tight lipped: "There is nothing we can tell you about production numbers and higher-end models," said a company spokesperson (to Nikkei).

Analysts had previously claimed that Switch sales would slow down if a 4K Switch Pro wasn't announced this year.

Nintendo Switch Pro rumours suggest that the new version of the console will come with a 7-inch OLED display, new processor based on the latest Nvidia Tegra chipset, plus. increased storage and RAM.

There is also likely to be a 4K output through the dock, although it's thought games will run at a maxium of 1440p and be intelligently upscaled using Nvidia's DLSS technology.

It'll undoubtedly be backward compatible with existing and new Switch games, but there have been some reports claiming that there will also be some Switch Pro exclusives - that can only be run on the latest hardware.

We'll keep you informed whenever we find out more.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.