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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo is reportedly developing an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch console, and it could release by the holidays.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Nintendo is planning to release this next-generation Switch sometime in 2021 with an OLED screen. Samsung Display is making the screen, a 7-inch 720p rigid OLED panel that is set to go into mass production in June 2021.

Keep in mind the existing Switch has a 6.2-inch 720p LCD, and the Switch Lite has a 5.5-inch 720p LCD. For a comparison of the two different Switch models, see our guide here. We also have this explainer on how to identify the original Switch from the newer one.

Bloomberg noted the next-generation Switch model will support 4K graphics when used with a TV, so the 720p resolution will be limited to handheld mode, likely to conserve battery life. Currently, many Switch titles don't reach native resolution in handheld mode.

There's no word yet on when exactly the Switch will release, but given the display won't be produced until the summer, Bloomberg's sources are suspecting it will arrive later this year in time for the holidays. The displays should arrive for assemblers by July 2021.

Reportedly, Nintendo is targeting under a million units for its initial monthly target. See our Switch 2 round-up for more rumours.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Rik Henderson.