(Pocket-lint) - It's a big year for quite a few gaming franchises in the land of Nintendo, with Mario and The Legend of Zelda celebrating big milestones, but it's Pokémon that's about to take centre stage.

This year is the franchise's 25th anniversary, and fans have been going crazy trying to guess whether The Pokémon Company and Nintendo have a new game lined up to celebrate it.

It looks like we'll be finding out very soon - a special Pokémon Presents livestream has just been scheduled in on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. 

When is the Pokémon Presents livestream?

 The livestream is scheduled in for February 26th, at 15:00 GMT, but here are some more global times for clarity:

  • USA: 07:00 PDT 
  • USA: 10:00 EST
  • Europe: 16:00 CET

How can I watch the Pokémon Presents livestream?

The stream is going to be hosted on the Pokémon YouTube channel, and we've also embedded it at the top of this video so that you can watch it right here along with us. Just bookmark this page and come back shortly before it starts to see what news we get! 

Pokémon Presents livestream - what to expect

We know that the livestream will be about 20 minutes long, which sounds to us like the perfect amount of time to unveil and then show off a new game in the series for the Nintendo Switch - here's hoping!

The dominant fan theory at the moment is that we're in for another in the Let's Go sub-series that started with Evee! and Pikachu! - a remake of a previous generation of Pokémon games, with refreshed mechanics and new visuals.

The most popular choice is Diamond and Pearl, not least because of the Tweet embedded below which appears to tease just such a game with a play on words. 

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That sounds hugely promising to us, and if it's accurate we can't wait to revisit those great DS games with newly upgraded visuals. Still, we could be in for anything when the livestream starts, so be sure to save this page to be among the first to find out when it all kicks off!

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.