(Pocket-lint) - Following a major Nintendo Direct presentation - on 17 February 2021, all the key games announcements are detailed here - one of the top-drawer titles announced was the return of your favourite half-squid beings in Splatoon 3.

But it's not exactly an imminent release: you'll have to wait until 2022 to get your inky mitts on this Nintendo Switch game. And even then, there's no more detail from Nintendo about exactly which end of the year we're talking about here - spring, winter? We don't know just yet.

But we're sure the wait will be worth it. The reveal trailer was certainly whacky, in true Splatoon style, commencing slow paced in showing off your squidling and new companion's feature-defining options, before trawling through a desert-scape framed by an upturned Eiffel Tower.

That distinctive vision is flipped on its head when arriving in a Tokyo-style city, the trailer then shifting a gear and going all-out in presenting the multiplayer section of the game. There looks to be four-on-four matches - where you have to paint the most with your ink to succeed - which we expect will be part of the Nintendo Online drive.

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But that's about as much as the game is giving away at this point in time. It all looks fairly familiar, but who doesn't love a bit of clever, third-person ink-shooting platforming fun? The sequel was already a squidy success - and the third release looks to springboard from that.

Writing by Mike Lowe.