(Pocket-lint) - The Nintendo Switch has been difficult to get hold of during 2020's lockdowns and that's especially been the case if you wanted the lovely Welcome to Animal Crossing Edition (like we do!). 

You get a download code for Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the bundle but also the full-fat Nintendo Switch with special Animal Crossing design touches. You can order it right now and you'll need to be quick


The back of the screen features leafy motifs from the game while the Joy Cons have a pastel colour scheme, one blue and the other green, while both are white on their back. They also each have bespoke wrist straps and grips, too. 

The docking unit is the best-looking bit though. It has an illustration of Tom Nook and the Nooklings, Timmy and Tommy on an island of their own. There's also a fantastic matching case available, too: 


If you're after a standard Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, there's plenty more possibilities to get a unit. Can't decide whether you want a Switch or Switch Lite? Then check out our comparison feature. It really depends on whether you want to use your Switch with a TV or not... 


Writing by Dan Grabham.