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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo has released system software 11.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. It adds a number of new features, including an easier way to share screengrabs and video captures by enabling transfer to a smartphone or tablet.

In addition, a new "copy to a computer via USB connection" feature has been added to settings, plus a whole lot more.

Here are the key changes and how to install it onto your Nintendo Switch.

How to install the new Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite system software

Typically, your Nintendo Switch will automatically download the latest system software when it is next connected to a stable internet connection over Wi-Fi.

However, if you do not have version 11.0.0 yet you can start the update manually.

We thoroughly advise you have plenty of battery life before you start the process.

• Now head to "System Settings" on the homescreen.

• Scroll down on the left-hand menu bar to "System". Tap on "System Update" on the right-hand side.

• Tap on "Update" on the next screen.

• The update will download, install and restart your Switch. All done.

What new features does the latest Switch system update add?

As well as a few minor changes, these are the key new features added with Switch system software 11.0.0.

Easy access to the Nintendo Switch Online service has been added to the home page.

Cloud save data can now be automatically downloaded for users who have more than one Switch. You need to enabled it in System Settings > Data Management > Save Data Cloud first.

A trending feature has been added to your user page so you can see what your friends have been playing.

Screengrabs and video capture can be shared wirelessly between the Switch and a smart device. Up to 10 screenshots and one video can be transferred at a time. You just need to point your phone's camera at the QR code that pops up.

Screens can also be more easily sharred with a computer using USB via a dedicated mode.

You can now prioritorise which game to download first if you have multiple downloads on the go.

12 new Mario 35th anniversary user icons are available.

You can now name preset button mappings.

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And finally, Brazilian Portuguese was added as a language.

Writing by Rik Henderson.