(Pocket-lint) - The internet has blown up over an official tweet by Nintendo that shows Mario bathing in the warm, glowing sunshine.

With temperatures reaching record highs in the UK and other European countries, Nintendo Europe posted an image of Mario relaxing on a beach, with the words "stay cool, Mario". The internet went into a frenzy soon after, with many believing it to be an indication that a much-rumoured remaster or port of Mario Sunshine will be released soon for the Ninetendo Switch.

We first reported on plans by Nintendo to release its back catalogue of Super Mario games in March, but little else has been heard since. The games, including Super Mario Sunshine HD (originally on GameCube) and the Wii classic Super Mario Galaxy, are to be made available on the Switch to mark the wee plumber's 35th anniversary, but Nintendo is yet to confirm.

That's why plenty of fans believe this pic could be the first indication that the rumours were true.

There's only one spanner in the works - Nintendo apparently tweets an image of Mario every summer.

According to Nintendo Life, last year's image - of Mario in a summer shirt - even had the word "sunshine" in the post. And that didn't amount to anything.

So, this year's tweet might just be a red herring, sadly. Still, we can only hope.

Writing by Rik Henderson.