(Pocket-lint) - Animal Crossing's bid to be the most-discussed game of 2020 continues apace, with a new trailer from Nintendo showing off what players can expect from the next big game update.

The first summer update, releasing on July 3rd, brings some pretty sizeable additions, most notably in the form of swimming and diving in the waters around your island.

Players had suspected that this might be added from the game's launch, and the change will bring a welcome new swathe of creatures to be collected and added to Blathers' collection at the Museum. 

From the look of things, you'll be able to dive off the rocks that border the ocean in some spots on your island, swim around the surface and then dive down where you see bubbles to search for goodies and creatures. 

This brings with it a couple of new encounters, including with a friendly diver called Pascal who looks like he's interested in what you find below the waves, as well as a new piratical costume for the perennially shipwrecked Gulliver.

There are also also all sorts of new craftable items, including underwater-themed decorations for your home, if you're feeling particularly The Little Mermaid-y. 

The trailer also confirms that a second update will come in August, bringing more changes and additions. It's pretty clear that Nintendo was planning a whole bunch of post-launch support for New Horizons even before its massive success, so this looks to be the latest in a continuing line of updates. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.