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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo was famously late to the mobile gaming scene, announcing the arrival of the likes of Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes with all the fanfare befitting one of gaming's great names gracing a new platform.

After the rampant success of Pokémon Go, it looked and felt like these games were sure things, and in fairness Super Mario Run in particular had sprinklings of that Nintendo genius, changing up the Mario formula to incorporate auto-running in a genuinely interesting way. 

But there have also been duds, with Mario Kart Tour a particular disappointment on launch, having only very recently even added true multiplayer to its arsenal. 

Now, though, reports are swirling that Nintendo's going to take a big old step back from mobile gaming altogether, reportedly redirecting executive and resources away from the sector internally, per Bloomberg

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It would seem that financial results are very much key in the reckoning here, with Nintendo failing to see the huge uptick in money that mobile gaming can bring if you strike gold. 

In a time when gaming is skyrocketing as people spend more and more time at home, and given the outrageous success of a recent traditional release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo's mobile games have seen shrinking revenues, which may have been the nail in the coffin. 

That said, bearing in mind that Fire Emblem: Heroes brought in over $150 million in financial year 2019, we wouldn't imagine Nintendo will actually close down any of these games - for now, any money they do bring in is still welcome. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.