(Pocket-lint) - It likely isn't news to you that the Nintendo Switch is in short supply around the world - people being largely confined to their homes has a way of encouraging them to pick up the most unique games console of modern times and giving it a try. 

That hasn't dulled Nintendo's ambition, though, and it's pushing ahead with a scheme in Japan to let customers build their own Switch bundle, choosing the colour scheme they most desire rather than relying on pre-decided combinations.

On top of that, there are a few new colour options in the system, letting people choose their Joy-Cons in colours like green and blue, with more options also available for the Joy-Con straps. 

The bundle-builder also gives the chance to add a range of top games to the console, as well as a Pro controller, Nintendo Switch Online membership, a carrying case and even a microSD card to expand its storage. That means that a bundle direct from Nintendo could see people needing pretty much no extra kit to get started with their Switch.

Bundles for all?

This isn't the first time Nintendo's offered this style of service in Japan, although it's not yet expanded it worldwide, but it's interesting to see it launching at a time when most people are having trouble getting their hands on new units of the console and its portable version, the Switch Lite

Previously, if you wanted specific jazzy Joy-Cons you were pretty much always going to have to buy extra ones, or have them customised and warranty-voided - this bundle-builder means that people can get the ones they want immediately, which is a really nice change. Still, we'll have to see how long it lasts, and whether it ever arrives outside of Japan. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.