The Nintendo Switch has always been popular. For good reason: it's a brilliant console that straddles the worlds of at-home and on-the-go gaming.

But Switch stock is currently very low, as people clamour to get hold of a console to keep themselves and their families entertained indoors. We've seen price gouging in various places too (we're absolutely excluding those sellers here).

Failing being able to get hold of one, there's always the portable-only Switch Lite (note: the Lite console won't work in conjunction with a TV). Here's where you can buy one.


Switch Lite (Yellow): £199

Bringing a little extra sunshine into your life in yellow. With rapid shipping, a great bet of getting a Switch Lite shipped to your door is from here.


Switch Lite (Yellow): £199

Rapid delivery is available with Amazon Prime. You can even spread payments over five months - interest free.


Switch Lite (Coral): £199

The newest Switch Lite colour, Coral, is now available. And you can bag one at Currys PC World.

Nintendo Store

Switch Lite (various colours): £199

Sometimes going direct to the source is your best bet. In the case of the Switch Lite, Nintendo itself is selling at the retail price - and in Coral, Yellow, Turquoise and Grey colour options. Take your pick!


Switch Lite (Grey): £200

It's in grey, but hey, you can cope with that given the array of great games on offer. It might be a pound more, but when stocks are low and you're looking for a neutral finish, here's a viable option.