Nintendo has made existing Switch owners the world over feel pangs of envy, after unveiling a limited edition console it's releasing to mark the arrival of Animal Crossing: New Horizons later this Spring. 

The console, which will launch alongside the latest game in the Animal Crossing series on March 20th (or March 13th in the US), features a number of gorgeous design touches on its various components.

Starting with the console itself, the back of the screen unit is designed with leafy motifs from the game, showcasing the various sorts of items and villagers you can expect to encounter with trademark whimsy. 

The Joy Cons for the console are finished in two shades of lovely pastel, one blue and the other green, while both are white on their back, as you can see below. They also each have bespoke wrist straps and grips to fit the delightful colour scheme. 


The docking unit, meanwhile, is perhaps the prettiest of all, featuring a lovely illustration of Tom Nook and the Nooklings, Timmy and Tommy on an island of their own.  

The console will be available in a bundle with a download code for the game, and judging by the reception it's had so far you can expect it to sell out quickly; it'll cost $299.99 or £329.99. 


On top of that, Nintendo has also shown off some carrying cases that will release for both the Switch and Switch Lite, which fit the same theme and have pretty leaf designs. The cases will come with a screen protector for your console, too, and immediately look some of the most stylish protection on offer for the Switch.