(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo's foray into theme parks, Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Japan, has taken another step towards becoming a reality after releasing a CGI-heavy trailer that gives a taste for what it's aiming to achieve.

The theme park is set to open this summer, but is still a secretive project. The trailer released this week does give us some clues as to how the park will work for visitors, but a lot is still uncertain. It's basically a themed music video for a tie-in song from Galantis and Charlie XCX. 

It showcases the idea that visitors can expect a smooth transition from the classic Nintendo games they know and love on the Switch to the park's grounds, where gamified pastimes await. 

The park's new website does give us a couple more hints, though, mentioning a Mario Kart attraction that apparently combines a game and a ride, and the fact that families will be able to get around the park on the back of a Yoshi, an ambitious-sounding way of travelling. 

The other real piece of new information is that as you enter the park you'll strap on a "power-up band", themed around your favourite Nintendo character, that will have some smart features to let you participate in the park fully. We'd assume it will combine these features with a park pass to prove you didn't sneak your way in. 

You'll apparently use the smart band to collect coins as you walk the park, and it'll let you compete with other visitors in games and challenges. A companion app on your smartphone looks like it will be part of the package. 

Doubtless this isn't the last we'll learn about the park before it launches this summer — we'll keep you updated on any further developments. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.