(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo is attempting to cut through the deluge of CES 2020 announcements with a new product of its own: Nintendo Switch Stylus.

It's not exactly ground-breaking or exciting as, say, the colour-shifting, electrochromic glass-packing OnePlus Concept One phone, but it's still an official product for the Switch, which launched nearly three years ago. It's unclear why Nintendo is finally selling its own stylus for the Switch now, but Eurogamer spotted that it'll launch 3 February for £6.99 ($9) through the Nintendo UK store.

The stylus can be used with compatible games, including Super Mario Maker 2. Nintendo specifically described Switch Stylus - which doesn't come packaged with the Switch console - as the "perfect tool for sketching out the Super Mario course you’ve always dreamed of in handheld mode". The retail listing for the new product also confirms it won’t work with the Nintendo Switch when it's docked.

Keep in mind Nintendo's classic handheld consoles, like the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, each came with a stylus. The Switch, on the other hand, hasn't had one you could buy separately at all times, save for a couple random bundles.

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With a stylus, you may find it easier to use Switch's handheld mode.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.