Nintendo has revealed the release date for its long-awaited, much delayed introduction of Mario Kart to mobile platforms.

Mario Kart Tour will be available for iOS and Android on 25 September - a little after the "summer" release promised in January. However, as it purposely put back the game's launch to make it a better experience, mobile gamers will hopefully see the benefits when it arrives.

Nintendo has released a teaser video for the game, which you can view above, plus a gameplay trailer that shows the game in action across different locations and tracks.

It has been designed to played on a phone in just one hand, with simple presses enabling steering and drifting. This is a Nintendo philosophy across its mobile games, such as Super Mario Run, in order to strike them apart from the fully-featured alternatives on Switch and 3DS.

Pre-registration of the game is now also available to iPhone and Android handset owners via their respective app stores.

You can pre-order it for iOS on the Apple App Store here. While, Android phone users can head to Google Play here.

Both versions will also need a registered Nintendo Account to sign in, so head here if you don't have one already.