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(Pocket-lint) - The Nintendo Switch feels unstoppable at the moment, with new games promised, new hardware about to be released and a general feeling with consumers that the console is fun, approachable, and portable.

That's led one designer, Olivier Raymond, to come up with a concept version of the Nintendo Switch he hopes Nintendo will consider for the third iteration of the console, if it ever makes it that far.

Dubbed the Switch UP, the console is a marriage between the original console launched in 2017 and the newly announced Switch Lite due in September.

Olivier RaymondFan concept Nintendo lets you charge and dock on the go image 3

It takes the Lite's new bigger screen and the original's docking system and merges the two together to allow you to play your favourite Nintendo games on the go and still connect to your TV.

The new backpack accessory - Raymond calls the Clever Dock - fits into a negative space in the controller, integrating with it seamlessly.

It works as an extra battery-pack for the console, while also comes with HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to plug it in to your television or even a projector. The catch though in Raymond's design is that, like the Lite, the move to a bigger screen means you can't detach the Joy-Con controllers.

Olivier RaymondFan concept Nintendo lets you charge and dock on the go image 4

Of course, when you're dreaming, you can boost the capabilities of the device too, and Raymond's concept Switch console comes with 1080p resolution, a Nvidia quad-core Cortex-A72 CPU, 6GB of RAM for faster game loading and 64GB of storage with an SD-card slot for expanding things further.

Montreal-based Raymond isn't affiliated with Nintendo, but previous work has included stints at Mercedes-Benz and a six-month internship at Studio F. A. Porsche.

Here's hoping Nintendo takes his ideas on board and we see the Clever Dock in a future version of the Switch.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 19 August 2019.