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(Pocket-lint) - After Nintendo announced its cheaper, smaller Nintendo Switch Lite yesterday, for a 20 September release, many assumed that would be it for this year; the fabled, enhanced Nintendo Switch 2 wouldn't be coming in 2019 after all.

However, an FCC filing has emerged that suggests Nintendo does indeed still have plans on upgrading the existing Switch.

A letter sent to the FCC - the US communications regulator - requests a change to FCC ID: BKEHAC001, the granted filing that approved use of the original Nintendo Switch in the States.


All wireless communication devices, those with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the like, must be approved by the FCC before they can go on sale there and, if there are any further changes to the hardware down the line, the regulator must be informed and delivered any supporting documents.

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The Nintendo letter, which is dated 2 July and found by TechRadar, does just that. It informs the FCC that the Japanese gaming giant has changed the SoC (System on Chip), NAND memory type and CPU board to accommodate the previous two.

As none of the wireless properties have been altered, the FCC will not need to re-test the new device itself. However, the changes made are significant enough for us to believe that it refers to the much-rumoured Nintendo Switch 2.

That's because two of the biggest specs leaks claimed that the new console will have improved processing - for graphics and CPU - and more RAM - claimed to be 8GB rather than the 4GB in the original Switch and new Switch Lite. The RAM is also said to be faster this time around.

So it looks like an enhanced Switch 2 is still on the cards, as previously rumoured. And, it could even be out before Christmas.

FCC filings and changes are usually only requested and granted soon before release, which suggests that Nintendo still has plans on getting the latest model out in the coming months. After all, the original Switch filing was granted on 25 December 2016 with the first Switch released on 3 March 2017, less than three months later.

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So maybe we'll see Switch 2 in October? Fingers crossed.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 11 July 2019.