(Pocket-lint) - After months of speculation, even a year, Nintendo has announced an addition to its Switch console family.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the device that's been rumoured under the name "Nintendo Switch Mini" for a while. It is not the higher-specced Nintendo Switch 2 that is still expected at some point in the future.

Instead, it is a cheaper, portable-only alternative to the main Nintendo Switch that will continue to be ranged.

It has fixed Joy-Cons, a 5.5-inch display (instead of the main Switch's 6.2-inch) and is smaller in form factor.

There is no TV output, so games are just playable on its built-in screen, but the Switch Lite will play all current and future Switch titles that support handheld mode. There will be some restrictions - for example, with any game that requires motion control through separated Joy-Cons.

Like the existing console, it will show them in 720p on the fixed display.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will come in three colours: yellow, grey and turquoise. It'll be available in stores from 20 September.

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UK prices are yet to be revealed but we have heard that it will be priced at $199 in the US. In comparison, the regular Nintendo Switch is priced at $299 in the States.

Writing by Rik Henderson.