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(Pocket-lint) - Another accessory that’s alleged to be for the Nintendo Switch Mini has leaked.

It's further evidence that Nintendo is developing a new version of the Switch that's strictly a handheld console. It also gives us our best look at what the miniature edition might look like, though Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything yet and probably won’t until it reveals the device.

WinFuture published a leaked photo of a silicone case from Switch accessory maker Bigben. It's not for the regular Switch; it's for a “Mini Switch 2". The case seems to be for a smaller Switch that's roughly the size of a regular Switch without any Joy-Cons. The case itself covers the whole device, too, which means the Mini's Joy-Cons may not have a way to be removed from the console’s body.

Keep in mind Nintendo is rumoured to be developing two new Switch models this year: A Switch 2, as well as the miniature version. If you consider the size of this case, and that the Joy-Cons are apparently fixed, it seems very likely that Nintendo’s upcoming miniature Switch will definitely only work in handheld mode, which other leaks and rumours have all suggested so far.

This accessory leak doesn't prove much, but it's still interesting, to say the least.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 2 July 2019.