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(Pocket-lint) - Further signs have emerged for the imminent announcement of a Nintendo Switch Mini.

Expected alongside a more advanced Nintendo Switch 2 (or Nintendo Switch Pro, as some are starting to call it), the Nintendo Switch Mini is heavily rumoured to be a smaller, cheaper version of the Switch, with fixed Joy-Cons rather than detached and no TV dock.

We recently saw some leaked mock-up images created by a case manufacturer "with inside information" and now one of Spain's largest online retailers - its version of Game - has posted listings for several accessories under the name "Switch Mini".

Unfortunately, the site took down the listings, but not before Nintendo Life managed to take a screengrab.

Nintendo LifeNintendo Switch Mini accessories listed on retailer site Switch 2 coming soon image 2

There were no prices nor pictures accompanying the items, but they included a transparent case, screen protector and carry case.

The accessories do match the previous leak from case maker Honson, which showed a similar collection of protection products.

Does this mean the Nintendo Switch Mini and the possible Nintendo Switch 2 / Pro are soon to be revealed?

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We wouldn't be surprised as Nintendo traditionally announces hardware before its release, allowing for a lengthy pre-order period. And it will surely want to get the new devices out in time for Christmas, which leads us to believe that we could hear something more concrete around August time.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 25 June 2019.