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(Pocket-lint) - There's a new update for the Nintendo Switch that solves a lingering problem, but it also has us wondering if more Switch models are coming.

For the past few months, reports have indicated more versions of the Nintendo Switch console will arrive later this year. But before that happens, Nintendo had to solve a problem: Transferring data between devices. Now, with a new update, version 8.0.0, a solution is available.

Originally, when the Switch launched, users were unable to transfer anything from one system to another. Then, version 4.0.0 arrived, allowing users to transfer all their user and save data between consoles. Version 8.0.0 expands on that, allowing users to transfer individual game saves between systems. These updates were designed for those who started playing on someone else’s console before getting their own Switch.

Now, keep in mind Nintendo is reportedly working on two new versions of the Switch console: A top-end version for dedicated gamers and a cheaper, portable-only version of the console that doesn’t have the docking system to connect to TVs. If Nintendo is expecting these new systems to be as successful as the original Switch, then it needed to fully address the sharing of data between all its devices.

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So, to be clear: The new Switch update will allow now you to transfer specific saves and games - instead of waiting for your entire profile to download to a different device. The catch is that, once transferred, the data is gone on the original device. This update could help make existing Switch owners more open to getting future models. They could have one Switch for gaming on a TV and another Switch for handheld mode.

They'll be able to transfer any game or save they want between systems, rather than absolutely everything, making the process faster. Most users would probably prefer to seamlessly go between consoles without data transfers, however.

There are a few other features included in the new update, such as 15 new user icons from Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s Crafted World. Users can also sort their software by last played, total time played, the software title, and software developer. Plus, there’s also a new Zoom feature.

Users should get the update immediately, but if you don’t have it right away, you can begin downloading it manually in system settings.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 16 April 2019.