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(Pocket-lint) - Most gamers adore the Nintendo Switch - so much so that it will soon pass the Nintendo 64 in terms of lifetime sales. But do you know what could help Nintendo really drive Switch sales? A cheaper model.

The company apparently believes that, because it's developing a smaller, cheaper version of the handheld console. Nintendo wants to double-down on portability, and plans to ditch some features in order to keep the price down, according to a report from Japanese business daily Nikkei. It's unclear what those features might be, though we're hoping it'll still be able to work with televisions.

If Nintendo did cut the console dock, it would be weird to retain the name Switch, as it has that moniker because you can literally switch between handheld gaming and using your TV as a display. Nintendo could also drop the cartridge slot and place an emphasis on its online service.

The Nikkei report, spotted by Nintendo Everything, claimed Nintendo has already partnered with suppliers and game development companies, and is aiming for an early 2019 release date. Nintendo’s might also launch a new service aimed at “game enthusiasts willing to pay more". This service would arrive in 2019, too, and it could be a richer subscription service for classic games (sort of like Virtual Console for Wii and Wii U).

Either way, a more affordable Switch model is a sure-fire way to get the device into the hands of consumers who were put off by the $300 price.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 31 January 2019.