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(Pocket-lint) - You’re officially running out of time to pick up Nintendo’s Super NES Classic edition and NES Classic Edition.

Nintendo re-released the popular retro consoles earlier this year, saying at the time that they were expected to be available until the end of the 2018. Now, Nintendo has officially confirmed consumers will have their last chance to pick up its redone Nintendo and Super Nintendo systems. Reggie Fils-Aime, the president and CEO of Nintendo of America, revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that they'll soon be gone for good.

"We've also been clear that, at least from an Americas perspective, these products are going to be available through the holiday season and once they sell out, they're gone," he explained, while also making clear that fans should not expect another re-release, as the company plans to make much of the older Nintendo game library available on its new Nintendo Switch Online platform.

We’ve already seen many of Nintendo's classics appear on its online platform for the Switch. Check out some of our favourites here.

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So, if you have a 90s baby in your family, this is your final opportunity to get them exactly what they went to sleep dreaming about on Christmas Eve as a kid. These consoles feature 20 of the most popular classic games from each system’s original library.

The Super NES Classic is on sale for $79.99 at Amazon and Walmart, and the NES Classic is going for $59.99 on Amazon and Walmart.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 14 December 2018.