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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo has released a new version of the Nintendo Switch console that is cheaper than the existing model.

That's because the Nintendo Switch 2nd Set comes without a dock, meaning you will need to supply your own USB-C charging facility and/or TV connection if you opt for this less expensive bundle.

Or, you might own a Nintendo Switch already and someone else in the same household wants one. If you're both willing to share the same dock, That way you can reduce the cost of the second family device, hence the "2nd Set" part of the name.

Unfortunately, for those in the UK or US, the offer is solely available in Japan at present, with the new package costing 24,980 yen (around £170). The full fat version of the Nintendo Switch, which comes with the dock, is priced at 29,980 yen, so the saving is around £30.

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We're not sure yet whether Nintendo UK will offer a similar stripped back model, or the Stateside counterparts. We can see why some families would want to save money on additional devices, that's for sure, so maybe it will come here in time.

Also launched in Japan are Joy-Cons in neon green and neon pink colours.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 23 May 2018.