(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo is allowing you to buy replacement parts for Nintendo Labo if you've torn them or merely lost them in the recycling. 

The company just released Nintendo Labo, its crazy cardboard accessory lineup for the Nintendo Switch console. Nintendo Labo transforms the Switch's display and controllers into other playful objects through the use of cardboard attachments and downloadable games. You can buy different "Toy-Con" kits, including a robot one, to create new experiences, essentially. Read all about Nintendo Labo from here.

Anyway, if you were worried about your Toy-Con kits breaking, because, after all, they’re made of cardboard, you can rest easy knowing Nintendo is already selling replacement parts for almost all the pieces in every Toy-Con kit. They're available from its online store, as noticed by IGN. Prices range from $1.99 for stickers to $13.99 for a robot body. So, you won't have to get creative with fixing things if they should tear.

Check out our review of the system here, where we said it's a fun collection that encourages many things, including self-exploration.

Writing by Elyse Betters.