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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo has released the latest version of its system software for Nintendo Switch.

System update 5.0.0 should be available to you as soon as you next switch on your, ahem, Switch. It will have downloaded automatically if you have your console connected to the internet.

If so, you should get a pop up asking you if you want to update, start a game without updating or cancel the update for now.

It doesn't take long to install, however, so you might want to complete it before you do anything else.

Here then is what Nintendo Switch system update 5.0.0 adds:

Facebook and Twitter integration

You can now add friends on Facebook and Twitter to your Nintendo Friend List. If you link both your Facebook and Twitter accounts through Friend Suggestions, you can see a list of your friends who have also got a Nintendo Switch (and have linked their own accounts).

It is therefore easier to add them to your Friends List.

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Parental controls

You can now add specific software titles to a whitelist in the parental controls. That way, you can allow your children to play certain titles on their profiles, even if they are rated higher than the age restriction you have set.

In addition, captured videos are now included in the age restrictions, so children can't view a captured video of game footage stored on the Switch if the game itself is rated above their allowed limit.

Finally, the PIN entry method for parental access has changed. It is now to be entered through the control stick and buttons rather than by tapping on the screen. That way, prying eyes will find it harder to discover the PIN when you are entering it.


There are now 24 new ARM and Kirby icons to set as your user picture.

Digital purchases

Digital software purchases made on a PC or smart device through the Nintendo eShop will start downloading sooner than previously, even when the Switch is in sleep mode.

You will also get a notification when a pre-purchased game is ready to play.


You can now filter news to show only unread news stories or news from specific channels.

Pro controllers

The on-screen image of your Pro Controller (in the Controllers menu) will now show the grip colours - much like the Joy-Cons are displayed in their actual colour too.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 13 March 2018.