Nintendo's mobile games library is to expand with its the most-loved gaming series after the Mario platformers themselves.

Mario Kart Tour will be the first in the company's long-standing racing franchise to make it onto a non-Nintendo platform. It has been announced for mobile phones and tablets and that gives us an ideal opportunity to look at what to expect.

There are few actual details at this stage, so we combine what we know with speculation. We'll update this round-up as more information is released, however.

Mario Kart Tour release date

One of the things we know for sure about Mario Kart Tour is its release date. Or, at least, it's release month.

But if you're eager to play it (like us), we advise against holding your breath. Mario Kart Tour will be available in March 2019.

Mario Kart Tour logo

We haven't seen any screengrabs yet, but Nintendo of America did tweet the logo of the game along with the confirmation of its name and release window.

Mario Kart Tour platforms

Although the actual platforms Mario Kart Tour will be released on are yet to be confirmed, the fact that Nintendo calls it a "mobile application" suggests it will be available for iOS and Android.

That could also mean that it could be released for both operating systems simultaneously. Super Mario Run was a timed exclusive for iOS when it first launched, arriving on Android months later. However, the release delay was heavily criticised and Nintendo's next mobile release, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, arrived on iOS and Android at the same time.

Mario Kart Tour price

Another aspect of Super Mario Run heavily criticised is its business model, but we expect Nintendo to follow a similar pattern with Mario Kart Tour.

Expect it to be free-to-play initially, with additional tracks, characters or karts to be unlocked through at least one microtransaction.

Super Mario Run costs £9.99 to unlock the rest of the game after the first demo world. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, on the other hand, has a more generic freemium model, where packs and in-game credits can be purchased for real money, while the main game is free to enjoy.

Mario Kart Tour gameplay

We know very little about the gameplay at the moment, but Nintendo does like to utilise the properties of a platform to enhance its games and we expect the same of Mario Kart Tour.

We're pretty certain that will include using the accelerometer in each mobile device for steering - after all, all Mario Kart games since the Wii and up have worked with motion controls.

Our other guess is that, like Super Mario Run, acceleration will be automatic. You will therefore be tasked with steering and firing off collected weapons. In all other senses, Mario Kart Tour could look and feel the same as many of the Mario Karts we've enjoyed over the years.

Hopefully, there will be a multiplayer element too. And Rainbow Road. There must be Rainbow Road, surely.