The Nintendo Switch has been massively successful since its launch last April, with reports stating that it is the fastest selling console of all time in the US. It's obvious therefore that developers, publishers and manufacturers will be rushing to support it.

One of those to propose something rather different to the norm is YesOjo, a Hong Kong company that has devised a clever cross between a Nintendo Switch dock and LED projector.

The Ojo is capable of projecting an image between 30 and 120-inches, so could be ideal for party gaming sessions. It is also highly portable, ewith an optional traveler bag giving the ability to take it around to a friend's house or public place.

It's not the brightest projector out there, with a brightness of around 200 Lumens, so you will need to dim the lights, but it's a very neat solution and charges your Switch in play. Plus, as it has its own battery pack built-in, it can be used without the supplied power charger and even works as a power bank for your console.

A HDMI input also enables it to project other sources too.

The Ojo Nintendo Switch projector is currently raising funds on Indiegogo and has made its goal funding target many times over already. There will be a quick turnaround too, with an estimated February 2018 shipping date - next month, basically.

The base projector costs $349 (£258) during the funding phase, $369 usually.