(Pocket-lint) - Hackers have found a full game lurking in the code of the Nintendo Switch.

Flog - an emulated version of NES classic Golf (hence the backwards name) - has been found in am area of the Switch's system software dedicated, they think, to emulation. It suggests the basis for Virtual Console emulation is already inside the code, we're just waiting for Nintendo to flick the switch, so to speak.

Nintendo has long said that Virtual Console games will come to the Switch in time - they have been a mainstay of the Wii U and 3DS games libraries, almost since the beginning. However, with Nintendo also selling the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini consoles, with the former going back into production for a second roll out in 2018, it clearly doesn't want to make its retro games too widely available or hamper hardware sales.

We would certainly love to play Nintendo classic games on the Switch though, and this find is a great indication that it will happen eventually. Nintendo itself is expected to bring some of its Virtual Console titles to the platform ahead of the launch of its much-delayed, paid online service next year.

In the meantime, sadly, Flog is not playable for normal Switch owners. But one of the hackers, Yellows8, found that not only will it work with a Joy-Con, extra motions controls have been added, which bodes well for future releases.

Writing by Rik Henderson.